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All-Round Set

All-Round Set

The All-Round set is suitable for various work situations: for flat or sloping roofs, in construction or for maintenance work to installations. With this set you can cover short or longer distances while working at height. This set can be used from a height of 2,0 meters (kernmantle rope) or 3,75 meters (fall arrest device).


- The Static II harness provides attachment points on the back and on the chest.


- You can either use the kernmantle rope with Rope Grab (for roofs) or the automatic fall arrest device (for construction, installations and maintanance work) to secure yourself in many different situations.


- Can be used for fall arrest as both the Rope Grab and the automatic fall arrest device have integrated energy absorption.

  • Tech Specs

    - Static II
    - Kernmantle rope (20 m)
    - Screw-lock karabiner Steel
    - Rope Grabwith energy absorber
    - Sling 1200
    - XStop Mini XL (2 m)
    - Storage bag

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