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Steep Sloped Roof Set Basic

Steep Sloped Roof Set Basic

This set is specially compiled for work on steep roofs. Check the local standards in your region for the definition of a steep roof. Furthermore, this set can be used in situations where no permanent anchorage is available: combine the sling with the kernmantle rope to create a temporary anchor point.


This set contains a safety harness with 2 attachment points, a kernmantle rope with a Rope Grab, a Throw line to get the kernmantle rope over a roof and a sling for temporary anchorage.


• Maximum reach: 20 meters.
• Can only be used when 2,0 meters of fall clearance is available, measured from the feet of the user.

  • Tech Specs

    - Static II
    - Sling 1200
    - Kernmantle rope (20m)
    - Rope grab (11 mm)
    - Throw line (50m)
    - Storage bag 

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