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Svartå 434

Svartå 434

A watertight, Super8 leather upper with extra protection against moisture and water. Featuring a comfortable heel collar with added comfort, this shoe provides superb heel grip and helps keep your foot in place. The aluminium toe cap protects the foot and makes the shoe lighter than a shoe with a steel cap. For extra comfort at the bottom of the foot, there is a heel cushion made of the recycled material refoam, and soft nail penetration protection that makes the shoe extra flexible and protects the foot from penetrating objects. The sole shank relieves the load on the arch and spreads the weight over the foot for more comfortable work during longer shifts on, for example, ladders. The nitrile outsole is heat-resistant and provides superior grip on slippery surfaces. Svartå 434 is a watertight shoe that protects your hard-working feet in tough and wet environments.

  • Tech Specs

    • Lightweight aluminum toe cap
    • Full-grain, heavily impregnated Super8 leather that withstand water up to 8 hours. Equipped with durable Cordura® details.
    • Molded insole for stability in the back and flexibility in the front. Equipped with soft metal-free nail protection and a shank in the arch gives extra support and stability on uneven ground, e.g. when standing on a ladder. Insert with PU-foam for great resilience
    • In soft PU-material with extra heel cushioning for maximal shock-absorption, extraordinary resilience and sense of rebound.
    • Functional sole in heat-resistant nitrile rubber for great shock absorption and excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces
    • Fit : Very spacious 
    • Size 35-48
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